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Subject: Re: [CR]anodizing components
Date: Wed, 28 May 2008 01:18:12 -0700
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Hi Emanuel.

I think what Kurt's saying is "Why don't you go ahead and try it and let us all know how it goes?" That being said by Kurt, or me, I'm pretty sure you'll have to remove the old silver anodizing first. I've already told everybody how to do that. Twice. And no, it doesn't

involve oven cleaner. Anyway I used the Jestco stuff again a couple of days ago on a really nice, but in need of polishing, Cinelli stem with "Rossin" pantographing. It came out perfectly and polished beautifully. And amazingly\u2014to me at least\u2014all of the black, red, white, and green paint in the engravings was still there and apparently not affected at all. (Have you all noticed that I seem to include "Rossin" in most of my posts?)

Mark Fulton Redwood City California USA

PS: In 1952 at North American Aviation I was an "Engraver A" operating a Gorton Pantograph in the Experimental Machine Shop. I am not making this up.