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I've seen cyclingwebsite.net, and they seem to be a bit better than last time I looked. The navigation is still awful. Going back to search results from looking at a result yields a "page expired" message which forces you to do a search repeatedly if you're not sure which result if any are right. I tried looking for an OT Battaglin I have, with no luck. And the rider info could use some work. Looking up Andy Weaver yields his bronze at LA in 84 as his only result, and two pro teams a few years later. No info about what years he was on the national team, and no results from the 2 pro years.

Julio Capdepont who was Uruguayan national champion in inseparable teams in 1925 as a Bianchi sponsored pro has no listing whatsoever. Nor does Frank Jenny, US national champion at 1/4 mile in 1895. I have some memorabilia from both of them, so they're easy searches for me to remember.

I find it rather sad that someone who could be a national champion is nearly forgotten, no web mentions, and likely no mention in any easily accessible cycling publication.

Memoir-du cyclisme is also nice, but a bit challenging for someone that hasn't much knowledge of French And it's also a bit incomplete, and lacking some detail.

Hour.be seems to be down for construction, I'll have to keep checking, as it's a new one to me.

I really like what you've been doing with the Merckx sponsored team frames, and I may have another one for you (I just need to check the older posts to be sure)

I have been thinking of doing things in a lot more detail, like showing placings other than top 3 places.

It's a huge undertaking, the SABR people have made big inroads into details about minor league and Negro league baseball, which is a similarly involved effort. But that's taken 25+ years of work by hundreds of hobbyists. They do have a massive index of anything related that was printed, again a massive effort. They began as a tiny newsletter among maybe 20 people?.

I'd be willing to make a basic newsletter available, It would be better if I wasn't the only writer, but I may just try to get something going anyway.

Steve Birmingham Lowell, Massachusetts USA

Date: Tue, 27 May 2008 17:22:01 -0400 From: Jeremy Rauch <classic2@cadre.org> Subject: Re: [CR]research projects? Anyone interested? Message: 6

Steve- Just wondering if you (and the rest of the list) have seen any of the sites on the web that cover some - but not necessarily all - of the info you're looking for.

http://www.cyclingwebsite.net/ http://www.hour.be/ http://www.memoire-du-cyclisme.net/

Only cyclingwebsite.net is in english, although their database often contains more detailed information in non-english languages.

There's overlap between the three. All contain roster information, team wins for the season, rider info, etc, etc. The first two have great picture collections, while the last has good jersey info. All seem to do a decent job covering teams at least back in to the 60's.

I used these sites extensively when documenting the bike color schemes of Merckx sponsored teams in the 80's and 90's: http://www.tearsforgears.com/search/label/team%20colors

Jeremy Rauch
Brooklyn, NY