[CR]E-Bay outing '72 Colnago

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Date: Fri, 30 May 2008 16:47:17 -0400
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Subject: [CR]E-Bay outing '72 Colnago


That bike is more like '82, based on the details (under BB cable routing and what look to be the "Colnago" stamped chainstays). A fairly common Colnago from an era when, er, a lot were being produced. Not to say it's not a nice bike or wouldn't ride nicely too. The seller actually has it listed as '79-80 in the item description, BTW. He is referring to it as a "1972 Mexico model" or some such?based on the common mistake of attributing too much identity-wise to the Merckx hour record decal. That decal has created more mischief than the MC BB cutout on Carlsbad Masis. The bike is a Super, not a Mexico, from what I can see. All of which adds up to the absence of comment thus far from the Colnago crowd.

Ed Granger Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA

_____________________________________________________ "I'm a bit surprised to not be hearing a bit of comment on the '72 Colnago currently on E-Bay.? Seems a very desirable vintage, nicely kitted out. Nice looking bike.? item 150253237242.? My size, too.? I took a brief flyer on it but was quickly outbid.

Tom Sanders

Lansing, MI USA"