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From: "Daniel Gonzalez" <dannyg1@mail.com>
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Date: Sat, 31 May 2008 19:23:02 +0800
Subject: [CR]Re: 3Rensho and the Specialized Allez

I've recently researched this subject extensively and posted what I found to this thread:


Jim Merz, it seems, was the main character behind the various ustom builders making Allez's, right abou the time he took over the road dept from Mr. Neenan. It's all in the BF thread and is a long but very interesting read. Much of the research that I did was from the CR archives, which was the absolute best source I could find on this question - then or now. Short answer is: Damn straight! Yoshi Konno did indeed build plenty of Allez's and the evidence well documented.

Danny Gonzalez Lenox Hill MannyHanny NYC NY USA

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I don't know anything about 3 Rensho making Allez's. They may have, if you say so. But it sounds more like the kind of fanatical work Tim Neenan put into his bikes and those he worked on for Specialized. He was there at the start of Specialized I have heard and I believe (but cannot say categorically) he had a hand in the early Allez. Neenan supposedly built his own Lighthouse bikes before and after he was at Specialized, first in Santa Cruz, where he was part of a custom bike renaissance there, then moved to the Santa Ynez Valley. I have one of his later bikes. To my knowledge he is retired from bike building and lives in Santa Ynez, CA.

Don Wilson Los Olivos, CA USA

--- Jeff Slotkin wrote:

> This one looked slightly different at the dropouts > (more-exposed edges as they segue into the stays) and the BB looked, I > think, substantially nicer! > > I'll post pics when I can, worth a thousand words > each, I'm told... > > Jeff Slotkin > Charleston, SC USA ************************************

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