[CR]'78 Paramount for TRADE? (59cm)

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Date: Mon, 2 Jun 2008 10:39:13 -0400
Subject: [CR]'78 Paramount for TRADE? (59cm)

Lads and Ladies:

I recently obtained this 1978 Schwinn Paramount road bike frame. Reynolds 531 double-butted tubing with Campagnolo tips and chromed Nervex P rofessional lugs. TT measures 59cm (c-to-c) and ST measures 59cm (c-to-c). Paint is black with a "metal flake" shimmer...in fair/good condition. There is some surface rust on the upper head lug and a bit of surface rust above the bottom bracket shell.

I am looking to trade this frame for either a similar (thrashed*) frame in a 56cm (track preferred...but will consider road frames as well) or some co mbination of the parts listed below. *The unfortunate truth of the matter is, this frame shows signs of a head-o n crash. There is a bulge on both the top and down tubes, about a half inch behind the head lugs. There is also an area on the underside of the downtu be, at the bulge, where the paint has chipped. The chipped area measures ab out 1"X1/2".

This bike could certainly be ridden as-is...though it will never ride like a stock Paramount, nor will it likely be a candidate for restoration. I'd i magine that the head angle is a degree or two more severe than stock.

That said, it would make a great townie/fixed-gear conversion/beater/lock-u p/polo machine.

In my opinion, the original fork should be replaced, as there is a bend in the steerer tube that will be hard to straighten. As far as I know, the "co rrect" way to restore the fork would be to have a new steerer tube brazed i n by a framebuilder...Probably more trouble than it's worth, as I doubt the tube bulge on the frame could be repaired without a downtube replacement. I'd prefer not to sell it but to trade with a fellow member for either a fr ame in similar condition/value or perhaps some combination of the following parts listed.:

- NOS Bluemel Club Special fenders in black - Campagnolo Nuovo Record rear brake caliper (long reach, nutted mounting b olt) - Campagnolo "old style" Pista crankarms in 165 length, 144 or 151 BCD - Campagnolo "old style" Strada crankarms in 167.5 or 170 length, 144 BCD - Campagnolo NR bottom bracket, English threads, ss-120 spindle - Campagnolo 8-speed rear derailleur - Campagnolo "world logo" gum brake hoods - New 8-speed chain

I'd be happy to deliver to Cirque. A picture is here:


More pics available to any interested parties.

See youse fellas on Friday!

Matthew Bowne Brooklyn, New York

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