[CR]Re: Helmets, continued

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From: "Hillery" <rhillery@hawksi.org>
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Date: Wed, 04 Jun 2008 13:39:34 +0000
Subject: [CR]Re: Helmets, continued

Anyone doubt where Saul Raisin might weigh in on helmets?

I've actually overheard people coming in to my local bike shop asking for replacement foam pads (peeled, worn, squished ...) expecting that to 're store' the protective capability, unaware that there is a real (and neces sary) expiration on the EPS (expanded poly foam) helmet itself. Sweat (sa lt), UV, ozone, & time deteriorate it. Even heard a club rider tell someo ne it was OK to re-use a brain bucket that had already done it's job - af ter popping out the plastic shell, he said it looked OK so go ahead ... ! !! If that stuff compresses, it doesn't spring back and has lost its abil ity to cushion the noggin.

Yeah, I'll admit I sometimes skip it when checking gears down the drivewa y or on the 4-house cul de sac. But beyond the stop sign? Out there in tr affic or among the ruts? Goofy as some helmets may look, they're a lot cooler than a wheel chair.

Bob Hillery (helmets, seatbelts, kevlar -- all have their place) Seacoast New Hampshire, USA