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Date: Mon, 9 Jun 2008 11:05:33 -0700 (PDT)
From: "John Barry" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Hot times at Cirque
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I heartily concur - but no way I'm hoisting my carcass onto the Alenax. That just looks scary.

In hopes of keeping out of Dale's dog house for sending an atta-boy, I'd like to ask two questions.

I took pictures of all the bikes that were on display at the time I went around the hall. I haven't looked at the full sized images yet, but the camera usually gives pictures that show well online. I'm pretty certain it would blow the monthly file size limit on Flickr, and I hesitate to throw a couple hundred pictures onto Wool jersey. Any suggestions on a more appropriate place to put them?

Second question/statement. As great as Cirque was, I'm certain I'm not the only person who has a suggestion or two on how to make it even better. I have no intention of getting into that discussion right on the list, but I'd like to suggest that collecting thoughts while things are still fresh in everyone's mind might be a good thing to do. I have no intention of usurping authority from Wayne or others, but if the powers that be would like a hand collecting ideas, I'd be willing to help out.

It was great to see old friends and acquaintances, and make even more this year. This is my 2nd time, and I actually felt a lot more a part of the group, thanks in large part to all the wonderful people in attendance. What a wonderful community we share.

Thanks Dale and Wayne (and many others),

John (already booked for next year) Barry
Mechanicsburg, PA, USA

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\r?\n> Subject: [CR]Hot times at Cirque


\r?\n> Date: Monday, June 9, 2008, 12:51 PM

\r?\n> A sincere thank you to MJ and Wayne for running an excellent

\r?\n> Cirque; they

\r?\n> had big shoes to fill after Dale's, and they certainly

\r?\n> walked well in them

\r?\n> on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The other volounteers

\r?\n> deserve a thank you

\r?\n> also: Lou, Michael, Harvey, John, Gabriel, many others who

\r?\n> helped in

\r?\n> unnoticed ways, and those who dismantled on Sunday.


\r?\n> The venue of the hotel worked well, better I think than

\r?\n> changing locations

\r?\n> for the Greensboro, but as someone mentioned, I did miss

\r?\n> seeing Dale's store

\r?\n> again. That, however, was compensated by the array of

\r?\n> bikes in the lobby

\r?\n> and hallway leading to the conference rooms. I thought the

\r?\n> presentations

\r?\n> were worthwhile. The number of vendors at the swap seemed

\r?\n> smaller than at

\r?\n> Greensboro, but this is the first time. I liked the

\r?\n> arrangement of the two

\r?\n> buildings, in particular, I liked the perimeter of the show

\r?\n> bikes having the

\r?\n> vendors around the "corral" show bikes.


\r?\n> As others have mentioned, the heat tooks some of the spunk

\r?\n> out of it.


\r?\n> Beyond the friendships renewed and new friends made,

\r?\n> however, what I liked

\r?\n> the most about this year's cirque is the younger folks,

\r?\n> particularly the

\r?\n> younger frame builders, there. They appear--at least

\r?\n> measured by their work

\r?\n> on display--that they have the skills and vision to turn a

\r?\n> tradition that

\r?\n> came close to dying at one point into one one that not only

\r?\n> will survive but

\r?\n> can thrive.


\r?\n> Thanks to everyone there, and in particular once again

\r?\n> thank you to MJ and

\r?\n> Wayne and the host of volunteers. Dreams of another

\r?\n> leather skinned

\r?\n> Colonago and another ride on Harvey's Alenax are

\r?\n> beginning to form for 2009.


\r?\n> Cheers.



\r?\n> Tom Hayes

\r?\n> Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44023 where's it's still in the

\r?\n> nineties.