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Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2008 13:10:34 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jerome & Elizabeth Moos <>
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I'm pretty sure I've seen Simplex 27.2 posts. They are somewhat rare, as of course most high quality French bikes used metric tube OD's intil sometime in the early to mid 80's. With a French seat tube OD, Reynolds 531 tubes took 26.6, 26.4 or 26.2 posts depending on the exact tube gauge and the reaming of the tube. Most other high quality metric tubesets like Super Vitus would take similar posts. Cheaper tubesets were usually thicker walls, so took even smaller posts. Even the early metric gauge 753, which was about as thin-walled as you would see on a production bike at the time, only took a 26.8.

So the old 60's/70's era badged steel Simplex posts are probably very rare in a 27.2. I do believe they were made, but probably mostly for export to England or Italy. Of course in the 40's and 50's Simplex had a factory in Italy, so probably made quite a few posts for Italian bikes. But don't know what size posts Italian frames typically used in that era.

The most likely 27.2 Simplex post to find would be the later alloy models or the ones with steel shafts (I think) but with a sticker rather than a badge.

Besides Simplex, ATAX also made posts incluing some that were either carbon fibre or just black plastic, depending who you believe. There was also the original LaPrade, which originated in France before it was licensed to SR in Japan. And the JPR (JP Routens) post, which I think was sold badged as Huret for a while. These are also more commonly seen in typical French sizes, but I think they were made in 27.2. One also often saw Simplex seat clamps which fitted to a straight post. Not sure what French companies made straight posts. I know Titan made some nice ones, but I believe they were Belgian, not French.


Jerry Moos Big Spring, Texas, USA

George Allen <> wrote: My tout-Francais (or Franco-American) MrcLean is nearing completion. Belleri bars and stem, Stronglight headset, Simplex shifters and derailleurs, CLB brakes, TA crank and bottom bracket, Maxi-car hubs laced to Mavic MA40's, Maillard freewheel, Ideale saddle and even French cables and housing. What I need now is a French seatpost, either Stronglight or Simplex with a 27.2 mm diameter. I have a 25mm Stronglight but it just too small to shim. I'd even take a 27.0 or 26.8 as I may be able to shim those sizes. I am starting to think that the French never made seat posts in 27.2 sizes. Also, did any other French companies beside Simplex and Stronglight make seat posts?

Also, I need a 50 tooth and 34 tooth TA ring for Cyclotouriste cranks and the attendant hardware.

I will pay exorbitant prices or I have all kinds of goodies to trade.

All the Best,

George Allen Lexington, Kentucky USA

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