Re: [CR]Photos of Zunow Panto bits

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Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2008 10:46:45 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jerome & Elizabeth Moos <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Photos of Zunow Panto bits
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Well, this came up in an off-list discussion also. When I say Pantoed, I mean marked with the name and/or logo of the frame manufacturer. Now that may not technically be "pantographed", but one can either say "pantographed" or one can say "marked with the name and/or logo of the frame manufacturer by means of hot stamping, screeen printing, roll forming and/or press imprinting, respectively, as the case may be, except on weekends, bank holidays, and the fortnight preceeding Christmas, when they are engraved by hand by Santa's elves."

One expression is admittedly inaccurate, the other is patently ridiculous. Of course one can always maintain, a la Alice Through the Looking Glass, that, "When I use a word, it means precisely what I intend it to mean, nothing more or less." But that's not a particularly practical position.

So what, pray tell, is the precise, technically correct definition of "pantograph" and what is the derivation of the word?

BTW, no one is surprised that Tange and Sugino would be willing to "mark" (if we must be tedious about it) components as Zunow, nor Suntour, who I suspect supplied the DO's. But it is rather unusual to see ALE bottles and Silca pumps "marked" as Zunow, since one normally sees this done for Italian, or at least European, frame manufacturers.


Jerry Moos Big Spring, Texas, USA


Subject: [CR]Photos of Zunow Panto bits

Jerome wrote:

>" Finally got around to photoing some of the Panto bits from my circa 1980 Zunow:
>Zunow pantoed Silca pump - how many Silcas do you see pantoed for Japanese marques?"

The Silca pumps have been hot stamped rather than pantographed.

"Pantoed ALE bottle - how many ALE bottles do you see pantoed for Japanese marques?"

The ALE bottles have been screen printed.
> "Pantoed Sugino Mighty BB, both cups AND the BB axle. Now that is impesssive, pantoing the BB axle that isn't even visible when the bike is assembled. The adjustable cup has three little hummingbirds - the Zunow logo, along with spades."

The Zunow logo on the axle was roll formed and the cup logos were all press imprinted rather than pantographed.
> " I tried to photo the Zunow pantoed seatpost binder, "Zunow Osaka Japan" on one side and the hummingbird on the other, but could not get good photos. Will try photoing on the bike along with Zunow markings on the DO's, Zunow tubing decal, and the spade and hummingbird cutouts in the lugs."

The dropouts have been press imprinted while the lug, bottom bracket, and crown Zunow logos are all investment cast in.

The aluminum stems and seat posts have been pantograph engraved.

The toe straps have been hot stamped.

Zunow was well known and held in special high esteem by the cycle business in the Osaka area on account of their high style and originality.

Tange and Sugino were both very willing to logo mark parts for Zunow.

Hugh Enox
La Honda, California, US