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Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2008 18:23:42 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR] the trend of new KOF builders

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I don't know of any that had gotten a racing license sometime in their past.


It was good to see you again. It was great to see Mitch Pryor too.

I'd like to make myself the exception to your statement about your students not having a racing background. My background is racing. Last year I did over 30 road and cross races and will do the same this year or more in 6-7 different states. While the frame I built in your class was a "touring" style frame, racing holds my interest and heart. I'm Co-Director of Colavita FL, a regional team organized under the National Colavita Pro team made up of mostly Juniors and Masters. I'd also like to out my second frame. It was quickly built to cross race. I used the materials at hand and I am satisfied for the amount of effort it took. Pics can be found here:

I feel odd about blowing my own horn but I could not resist the irony of being the exception to the tattooed, pierced, and mesenger guys who populate so much of your class ( I love those guys and gals though).

Jonathan Greene Oviedo FL

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