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Date: Sat, 14 Jun 2008 09:45:02 +1000
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On 14/06/2008, Mark Winkelman wrote:
> With sellers being able to leave a negative for a bad buyer, it
> created a
> critical check & balance. It made complete sense. Now it's gone and
> as a
> result, feedback ratings will gradually become more meaningless ......

Mark, I understand your concern but let's face it ... how many sellers had the balls to leave feedback for the buyer the moment they received payment? Very few in fact. I'm a net seller on ebay and I made it very clear how confident I was in my items sold by doing just that. I thought it honest. But as a buyer I thought it ludicrous as to how many reputable sellers "wait and see" before leaving me feedback. Infuriates me, rubbish ... whilst I'm not happy with other things about ebay I for one think this a good thing and it's time sellers stopped putting their cart before the horse. There will always be abuses but it's time sellers stood behind their own goods instead of overwhelmingly playing petty games. How can anyone as a seller give bad feedback if they've been paid.

As far as sellers taking goods to sell elsewhere ... buyers decree where the market is. As a buyer I would be drawn to where sellers are kept under scrutiny rather than where they make up their own rules. And I'm a net seller ... but I understand what matters.

The other thing of paypal payment only ... it could be challenged down here in Oz as an unfair business practice. We'll see. Paypal only is far from ideal but it may be a necessary evil .. if only the fee's would be lower.

I look at all the cashola I've made via ebay ... I'd be a fool to walk away now. Do the right thing, make things very clear ... you've got nothing to worry about. There'll be idiots no matter what system is employed. The feedback issue is now geared towards the buyer as they are the one's sending money up front. Would you prefer to send your good's out before payment? That could be a better solution ... don't think many sellers would like that very much though.


Ben Kamenjas
Sydney, Australia