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Subject: [CR]Aldo's Pic of the Day - Seamus Elliot in the Drink

Aldo's Pic of the Day 14 June 2008

Seamus Elliot in the Drink

Stage 2, 1958 "Four Days of Dunkerque". Ireland's Seamus Elliot (Helyett - Leroux) negotiates a flooded road on his way to victory after a 216 kms break-away, the final 40 kms ridden alone. Elliot won again on Stage 3, and finished 6th overall. Elliot's teammate Jacques Anquetil would go on to win overall ahead of Jean Brankart (St. Raphaël - Geminiani) and André Darrigade (Helyett - Leroux). From "But et Club - Le Miroir des Sports" No.685, 12 May 1958.


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