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All: that's really an historic foto! If you look at the front left of the pic you will see that the track actually stops it's banking at the black line visible at the left. That's the pole line at the bottom of the track.
>From ther it's the flat of the track which is for comung on and off, and technichally not the racing surface. In competitions, it's against the rules to ride under that line and could result in disqualification or relegation, especialy if you went under the pole line deliberately to advance your position. The track is measured at the bottom of that line. I'e forwarded a news photo of the Newark Track to Aldo. Maybe it will be good enough to repro. It's not dated but looks to be late 20's also.
Ted Ernst
Palos Verdes Estates

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> Pic of the Day
> 15 June 2008
> Toto Grassin at the Newark VĂ©lodrome
> French motorpacing great Toto Grassin made to trips, in 1926 & 1927, to
> race on the tracks in New York and New Jersey. Though not a great
> photo, here we see Grassin in action against Chapman (probably American
> George Chapman) on the track in Newark in 1927. Note the railings at
> the top, and the treacherous drop-off from the track to the infield!
>>From "L'Intran Match" No.283, 9 February 1932.
> Aldo Ross
> Middletown, Ohio, USA