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Monday, June 16, 2008 - 09:41 PM

Mr. Moyer presents his bio at his web page. He is an adult with part of a career as engineering technician behind him, but recent to frame building. He is still enrolled in coursework and training related to the craft.

Over at the framebuilder's list, one might read a suggestion that its early for him to be on his own, if only because of business pressures. I recall the prized jobs of last year students at the Gtwn U Dental school was an Armed Forces commission. Why? To get several years of experience, without commercial pressure; and especially time to gain speed in execution.

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>Despite having lived in Texas the majority of my adult life, and owning
>a couple of Texas-built Romics, I have never heard of this builder
>before. But Austin is the most bicycle-friendly major city in Texas by
>a pretty wide margin so it doesn't surprise me to learn of a custom
>builder there. May be a couple more in Austin besides this guy that we
>still haven't heard of. He does some very nice detailing. I can't say
>I like the unicrown fork on the first track frame on Flickr, nor the
>(recent) Colnago-style straight fork blades on one or two others, but
>the blue and white road bike does have a traditional curved fork.
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