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Pic of the Day 19 June, 2008

Georges Biscot's Magic Crankset

Star of French stage and screen, Georges Biscot (15 September 1889 - 18 December 1944) appeared in at least 28 movies between 1916 and 1944. Among them was 1925's "Le roi de la p=e9dale" in which Biscot portrayed an amateur cyclist:

"For good luck, a bicycle manufacturer hires an honest young groom. In Paris, the groom must deal with a wicked foreman, dishonest cyclists, and the intrigues of others. But Fortune smiles on lets him, and he wins the Tour de France, and marries the boss's daughter!"

Looks like the artist had a bit of fun when retouching this photo - note the magic crankset. Or perhaps he didn't understand how a bicycle is constructed? From "l'Intran-Match" No.231, 10 February 1931.


See poster for "Le Roi de la P=e9dale" at:


Aldo Ross
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