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Date: Sat, 21 Jun 2008 10:06:05 -0500
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Mark Buswell <> wrote:
> Anyone know where there are more pictures of the pink De Rosa in this pic (just to the right)? My girlfriend has the same frame and I'd like to compare.<<

That bike belongs to my wife, MJ, but it has a bit of interesting history. The paint is actually original to the frame, but is not a standard De Rosa color and was not painted at De Rosa. De Rosa did offer a pink frame, but not in the same pale pearl pink of this frame. The frame was custom built for a friend of mine who worked at Gita, probably around 1986 or '87. My friend also did some custom painting on the side, and made arrangements with De Rosa to get the frame unpainted. I ultimately talked my friend into selling me the frame, and had him paint it in the pearl pink, as a surprise gift for MJ. I originally built it up pretty much the way you see it now, but it's been through many changes during it's life. It was crashed hard once, tweaking the fork, so it sported a replacement fork for a while until I was able to straighten and align the fork. It also went through a variety of component groups, from Super Record to C-Record to Ergo, and got ridden many thousands of miles before it was retired for a while. As a birthday gift for MJ several years ago, I resurrected it, and put it back to it's Super Record origins.

The only digital pix I have at the moment are of the rear drop out treatment, generated by a De Rosa discussion on the list last year sometime I think. It seems that some De Rosas of the 80's have different DO treatments, even though other frame details are almost identical. Those pix can be seen here, along with some other De Rosa detail pix:

I've been meaning to post some additional pix of MJ's bike, so this is a good excuse. I'll try and do that in the next couple days. I also have another '85 or '86 De Rosa, repainted yellow, I should include.

More pix of the orange De Rosa, which is believed to be a '79 or '80, can be seen here:
Wayne Bingham
Lovettsville, Virginia USA