[CR]CR]How to get stuck cable out of bar-end shifter

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Date: Sun, 22 Jun 2008 21:50:07 -0700
Subject: [CR]CR]How to get stuck cable out of bar-end shifter

Before I go the pliers route, I use a rubber tipped air-nozzel to blow compressed air in from the back. If you get a good seal by squishing the tip it will usually blow the cable end out a bit and you can work it loose.

I hate to take pliers to the cables if the they are <c> stamped and otherwise in good shape.

Oil first as well, like David said.

Jon Williams Grants Pass OR USA

"This is usually a matter of grabbing the protruding cable 1mm from where it exits the lever. Use a vise-grip head-on and push the cable into the littler hole with the lever resting on a flat surface with some clearance between the surface and the zinc cable end. It should be possible to apply at least 20lb compressive force into the cable if everything is kept in line, usually enough to dislodge a stubborn end.

I would start with a drop of liquid wrench on the cable end and let it sit for an hour.

Drilling out is difficult as the wire doesn't like the tip of the drillbit at all, but the drill bit likes the alloy lever and will try to eat it for lunch.

David Snyder Auburn, CA usa

Subject: [CR]How to get stuck cable out of bar-end shifter

> Hi Everyone,
> The nub on the end of the cable is stuck in my Simplex retrofriction
> bar-end lever. Does anyone have a good way to get it unstuck? Thanks.
> Leonard Bulger
> Marblehead, MA USA