[CR]Does anyone know anything about Fred Dean of Battersea London UK?

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Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2008 10:32:21 +0100
Subject: [CR]Does anyone know anything about Fred Dean of Battersea London UK?

I live in Clapham London, and I have a particular interest in Claud But lers , and other bike companies in South London region. I have detailed below as much informattion as I know about Fred Dean Cycles .

My brother and I used to make up bikes in the hallway of our house, usi ng quality bits (Campag, Cinelli etc.) got from all over the place. The be st bike frame my brother made up was a 'Fred Dean' (a London hand-builder), whi ch was so light even when fully made-up you could lift it with your pinky. He bought it for around £12 for the frame alone, and sold the complete bike for an astounding £53 (a goodly sum in those days). Other bikes we had were Holdsworth: ( quote from anonymous on Forum )

Fred Dean's shop was in York Road a hundred yards or so from Wandsworth Town railway station. They had a relatively successful racing team called "The Fred Dean team of Independants". (Quote from classic rendezvous list )

Reports on Fred Dean Race results http://www.history.cyclists.co.uk/1966/news_reports1.htm -

Pat Hanlon started out as a wheel builder for Macleans during WWII, fo r which she was to become supremely expert and best known. It was a difficult

business for a woman to enter at a time when only men were employed as

mechanics. It is thought that from 1964, Tom Board built a large propo rtion if not all the frames and worked at the back of the shop in Tottenham after first leaving Macleans when they closed down in 1962 and then Fred Dea n. http://www.classicleightweights.co.uk

The top builders who brazed and filed under the CB banner over the year s included Fred Dean, George Stratton, Les Ephgrave and Bill Philbrook...


Claud acquired the Saxon marque, in 1939 or early 1940's. He employed and trained many who later started-up on their own, like Les Ephgrave, Fre d Dean, Bill Hurlow, George Stratton and Bill Philbrook. He financially assist ed riders like Reg Harris and Eileen Sheridan.


Copy of Fred Dean Jersey , and names of Racers


Money was, however, still a problem, but now, not insurmountable. First

dispose of all assets! The very elegant racing bike built by Fred Dean of Fulham with full Italian fixtures and fittings must be worth £20? I got £25.00 ( quote from anonymous on Forum who sold his Fred to pay towards a de posit for a Vespa )

Cheers, Matt Day Clapham England


Hello all,

I'm trying to find out some background info about Fred Dean of Batterse a, L ondon, UK. My father had a Fred Dean road bike (this would have been du ring the 50s or 60s, sorry can't be more specific), which he bought in Batt erse a, many years ago. I know the shop no longer exists but was thriving in its day and believe there 'may' be some connection between Fred Dean and C laud Butler. Info about Fred Dean bicycles or the shop in Battersea would b e gr atefully received. Thanks.

Joel Uden

London UK


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