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Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2008 12:25:25 -0700
From: "pbbikes" <pbbikes@gmail.com>
To: "CR discussion list" <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [CR]boatloads for sale

Attn. Listees,

Tonight I will start a huge clearing out of the closets on ebay. Probably around 300 items total.

So far I am only listing in my store but will transfer most store items to actual auctions in the next few days.

Help me finance the renovations on mine and my wifes first home.

Some of teh stuff I will be listing *about 15 bottom brackets ,campy, phil, suntour *catalogs-Campy suntour, euro asia *books-richard sachs photo book, golden age, story of raleigh, paterek manual etc. *brake sets and components *tons of small parts lots-20+ campy [pads, 20BB cups, NOS colored housing rolls, NOS Campy cables, etc. *tons of freewheels, regina , NOS suntours *Cranksets *Campy derailleurs and sets *tons of hubs *jerseys * saddles and posts *pedals and all `sorts of other goodies

The big one is my 1973 Sammontana Masi- built by Alberto for Mauro Simonetti to race for teh Masi/Sammontana team the frame set sin amazing condition 58.5 c-t -built up with a black Nuovo Record group and anodized and enameled black Cinelli bars and stem

I havent finished the bike but its close and comes with housing/straps/clips/etc. for you to finish

ive asked about this bike in the past on the list and teh serial number seemed to stump everyone-As far as provenance goes , I have emails from Alberto stating that he built teh bike and who he built it for I will take screen shots of these and any ofyou who keep in touch with him are welcome to contact him and validate this

The bike will be posted w/ about 200 pictures and there will be a reserve.

Barry Scott
Brooklyn, NY/Mt. Shasta CA USA