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Date: Sat, 28 Jun 2008 19:21:41 -0400
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<<...was also responsible for the Flying Scot web site ...(snip).... Never fear however it will return shortly >>


That's great news Bob! Thanks!!

Dale Brown Greensboro, North Carolina? USA

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Some folk on the list will already know me however I guess after a two year absence, there's quite a few who don't. There's probably not enough space on Dale's server for me to give a blow by blow account however I'll give an intro and try and keep it short.

I've been interested in Classic bicycles for a long number of years, in particular, the classic British "Club" machine from the 1930s onwards. My specialist subject (i.e. the one I can spout forth about) is "The Flying Scot" bicycle, once manufactured in Scotland. I'm not a great cyclist nor particularly competitive - well age as an excuse has a lot to do with it!, though I have a particular passion for the mechanics of the machines and the components involved. Oh and I one owned a bike shop.

I joined this list a long number of years ago, and took active part until about 2006 when, due there being not enough hours in the day, and general metal fatigue, I decided to give it a rest a while and come back to the who scene at some point. That's lasted two years, but as they say - once it's in your blood.

I was also responsible for the Flying Scot web site - that in itself had become something of a monster in time terms, and sadly it is no more having been confined to the Wayback Machine. Never fear however it will return shortly, as it's been missed, and although I created it as a hobby page originally in 1997, it became a great online resource for me, never mind the many folk who contributed to it.

Finally, to those folk who do know me, and to those who contributed so much to the Flying Scot pages, I'll offer an apology for removing the site - and perhaps ignoring their emails. Don't worry, it'll be back, I've bought the name and the server space again, and once I find the backups! I'll return it to as near its 2006 condition as possible before revising it. No doubt I'll be pestering everyone for those photo's they once sent me!

Best Regards,

Bob Reid