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Date: Sun, 29 Jun 2008 14:35:19 +0000

That is the first generation Finest. Available in white or more commonly blue, all chromed underneath. Forged dropouts with an unusual name on them I forget. Available in 21, 23 and 25" frame sizes. The early 25" frames have really short top tubes becaues Fuji didn't know how to size a large frame yet..

Joe Bender-Zanoni Whitneyville, CT

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> Dear Listers, I have a few questions about an old frame I dug out of storag
> e. Yep, it's Japanese; but, when I bought it (c 1973-4), the dealer told m
> e it was the first year that Fuji tried to seriously compete with the Itali
> an bike. The frame is not an S12s, nor a "Fuji Finest." The only decals o
> n the frame say "racing" (on the top , down and seat tubes). In addition,
> the color is "midnight blue", but this was factory painted over a chromed f
> rame.
> Does anyone have any information on this frame?


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> Steve James