RE: [CR]Question about early Fuji bicycle

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Subject: RE: [CR]Question about early Fuji bicycle
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2008 21:39:13 +0000
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Hi Don,

yes, the year, color and description are exactly right; so I'm pretty sure it's the same model.

Unfortunately, I think the reason that the frame was in my closet was due t o a race accident --that broke off the derailer hanger. I believe that I c annibalized or sold the other parts, except for the front wheel with Ukai r im. Consequently, I have no plans to try to restore it in any way. I will be stripping it and converting it into a single-speed.

First, I'm going to take it to a frame-builder to have the geometry checked . Thanks for the info and reply.

Steve James Bx, NY> To:> Subject: [CR]Question about ear ly Fuji bicycle> CC:> Date: Sun, 29 Jun 2008 12:27:59 -070 0> From:> > I have similar bike to your frame, a 1971 Fu ji Finest, in "midnight> blue" (dark navy) I believe. The paint scheme is :
   chromed fork tips> and rear ends, lugs, and seatstay caps. There are chrom ed panels on> the downtube and seat tube, where it says 'FUJI'. The fork bl ades are> very unusual round blades, with a racing decal very much like the
   very> last reynolds 531 'shield-type' of fork decals. My frame size is 23" .> Email me for pix or if you'd like to modify the graphics on your frame> or compare geometry / wheelbase.> > Fuji used to put the model name on the top tube (like raleigh and> motobecane) but i don't think mine says anythin g.> > Parts are : old Dia-Compe centerpulls, steel suntour V / spirt> derai lleurs, Mighty cranks, mks unique steel pedals with true sawtooth> profile,
   Sunshine 8-trapezoid high-flange hubs, ukai tubulars (!),> nitto olympiade
   bars and nitto stem, unusual suntour ratcheting> clamp-on downtube shiters
   with silver (not black) barrels. I think it> needs a plastic Fujita saddle
   but I couldn't find one so I got a blue> person's majestic (=Brooks Pro)
   saddle from with brass> rails to match the paint scheme .. .> > - Don Gillies> San Diego, CA, USA _________________________________________________________________ Introducing Live Search cashback . It's search that pays you back! ntrosrchcashback