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>From what I have seen, this is normal for block chains. The rivets on the inner plate have small steps that, under tension, hold the outer plate in place. Bending the chain sideways pushes the rivets toward each other, releasing the outer plate. If you have to bend the chain to install or remove the plate, you probably don't need a clip.

However, I have also seen small figure-8 wire clips that serve the same purpose as C-clips. They require that the rivets protrude past the side of the outer plate (like chains with C-clips) so check the gap you have between the block and plates. If it is greater at the master link than the other links, you should have some sort of clip. Installation/removal doesn't require the chain to be bent as above.

Greg Reiche CyclArt Vista, CA USA

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Dear Listers,

I bought an inch-pitch chain made by diamond. However, it does not have the "C" clamp that usually secures the master link. Is this normal for Ame rican chains? I'd only used Wippermanns before. At any rate, what is th e exact size "C" connector that should be used? Or, alternatively, how would you suggest connecting a block chain in that situation? Yes, I ha ve heard about epoxying the outside of the master link. There's got to be a better way. Perhaps, the master link for another type of chain would b e usable.

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