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From: "Nic Henderson" <nic.henderson@btinternet.com>
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Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2008 16:09:25 +0100
Subject: [CR]RE:Carlton Continental question

Hi Arno/All....The bike in the Wool Jersey link is in fact a Carlton 'Corsa' model in 'Glitering Lilac' from the early 70's...I had a Corsa in 'Aqua Green' ( http://www.bikebrothers.co.uk/carlton_files/carltoncorsa.jpg). I have fond memories of polishing it non-stop, I have to agree with Ian Briggs about it's build quality but I loved it.

Here's a scan (1971 Carlton catalogue) of the Corsa in question http://www.bikebrothers.co.uk/carlton_files/carlton%20scans/1970-5_720.jp g

Nic Henderson Croesyceiliog Torfaen UK

Arno Volkers wrote:

i'm intend to buy a carlton continental, but i can't find good resour ces
> > for
> > the Continental model, does anyone know if it's a good bicycle?
> > I think it's build in the 50's/60's.
> >
> > here is link to a crappy picture, but maybe some people will recogniz e!
> >
> > http://www.wooljersey.com/gallery/Arno/parts/carlton.jpg.html

Ian Briggs wrote:
>> I used to unpack / assemble / sell these whilst working for Denton's Cycl
> es in Oxford - so definitely mid-1970s era.
>> Right at the low end of the Carlton / Raleigh mass-product range of the t
> ime and at?Raleigh's lowest ebb (thus far). Gas-pipe tubing, crude lugwor
> k / brazing?and apparently whatever bits they could?job-in or find in the p
> arts-bins (mostly GB and Huret). Poor paintwork?and decals. I remember in p
> articular these monkeys came supplied with horrid Wrights concrete saddles
> too.
>> Sorry if this seems blunt / rude / abrupt or simply offends?but I have a
> poor opinion of most of the Nottingham / Worksop product then. We also sold
> Dawes and Falcon and their stuff (even the cheapo) was far superior.
>> You did ask.
>> Sorry,
>> Ian "skinned his knuckles fettling?more Carltons that he likes to remembe
> r" Briggs
>> LUTON, Bedfordshire, UK.