Re: [CR]Larz 2008 photos + PicLens Recommendation

(Example: Framebuilding)

Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2008 14:28:01 -0700
From: "Peter Craig Martin" <>
To: MARK <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Larz 2008 photos + PicLens Recommendation

Thanks, Mark, for these beautiful pix.

I hope this isn't unduly off-topic, but my visit to Mark's gallery made me want to share a photo-viewing tip:

PicLens "Immersive Views" Home Page: Demo Page: Mozilla Firefox Add-On Page: PicLens Add-Ons for Other Browsers:

PicLens doesn't (yet?) support every commonly used photo gallery, but for those it does, it makes browsing and viewing a real pleasure. When you opt to view particular page or gallery in PicLens view, you really can immerse yourself in the photos without being distracted by the rest of the webpage, browser, or desktop, and you can navigate from one photo to the next with a simple click. Highly recommended and well worth checking out.


* I have no connection with PicLens or Cooliris other than as a PicLens add-on user.

* The PicLens browser add-on is free to the end-user. It may be partially advertising-supported in certain applications that I haven't tried, such as browsing in When browsing regular image galleries, however, I haven't experienced or heard any reports of advertising.

* The PicLens browser add-on has a privacy policy ( The policy seems fair, safe, and reasonable in its present form and there don't seem to be any complaints about it floating around the Net, but users with unusually stringent privacy requirements should probably review it.

Hope this is helpful to at least some of you.

Peter Craig Martin Seattle, USA

On Mon, Jul 21, 2008 at 03:30, MARK <> wrote:
> I uploaded some pics from Larz. Not complete, but those that interested me. Forgot to take my two entries, (DUH!) Pardon the indulgence on the Clubman, but I love those bikes!
> Mark Hoffman
> New Britain, CT