[CR]re: huret conundrum

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Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2008 12:44:14 -0700 (GMT-07:00)
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Subject: [CR]re: huret conundrum

John Thompson wrote:

It helps if you have all the pieces to the bolt; the tabbed washer for your style of dropout and the nut (for the back side of the regular pivot bolt) or allen bolt (for the split pivot bolt) so you don't have to crank the bolt too tightly against the dropout. If these pieces are missing, you may have trouble locating replacements and may have to fabricate something yourself.


I can see where putting the nut on the backside of the hanger bolt would be the preferred method, but the bolt I have (which appears original), is NOT LONG ENOUGH to accomodate the nut on the inner side of the hanger.

Instead, as I read Jerry's post (and maybe I misunderstood it), seems to me you mount the nut on the front-side of the bolt, between the derailleur body and the hanger. thread the bolt into the hanger, then tighten the nut down on the claw and the hanger face using a cone wrench or similar, so there is a minute amount of space for the derailleur to swing freely. not dissimilar to adjusting a headset or bottom-bracket. Seems like it should work.

With a longer bolt, one could make the more conventional arrangement, although there is the problem of clearing the freewheel or the chain. The method noted above avoids that problem, although it does displace the derailleur outboard the thickness of the nut..not a major problem, seems to me.

Sound right?

Charles Andrews
Los Angeles