[CR]Colnago experts: what year is this bike (Ed Granger)

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Subject: [CR]Colnago experts: what year is this bike (Ed Granger)

I believe Hilary is spot-on - most telling is the absence of multiple clubs in the lugs. Also, the wreath decal corroborates '73-74. The crown pre-'73 would likely have had holes in the points. Holes rather than clubs in the inner fork tangs, though, which points to '73 rather than '74, at least based on the timeline we compiled earlier. Hardly surpring to see a Super with a combination of features, given the yearly alterations Colnago was making.

Ed Granger Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA

____________________________________________________________ "I think the bike is about 1973/4 judging by the fork crown, transfers and cloverleafs just in the lower head lug.