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Date: Fri, 3 Oct 2008 16:25:01 -0700 (PDT)
From: "devon warner" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Mondia
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--- On Fri, 10/3/08, Jerome & Elizabeth Moos <> wrot e:
> Well as some of you noticed, I bought the Mondia.  Maybe
> overpaid just a
> bit, but there was some sentimental value, as I remember
> these multicolor f
> ade Mondias from the late Heinz Linke's Lakewood Cycles
> in Lakewood, OH (Cl
> eveland West Side) in the early 70's, where I bought my
> first three lightwe
> ights, a Peugeot UO-8, a LeJeune F-70 and a Windsor Pro,
> plus a used Gitane
> TdF as a gift for a friend.  The Mondias were more
> expensive than those
> bikes, but damn they were pretty.

i think they are super cool and i am betting the one i have will be hardy o nce i get it made up.
> I had thought I might be making an appeal to the list for a
> Stronglight Swi
> ss fixed cup, but it turns out the BB is French, not
> Swiss. 

i found this out the hard way by buying swiss cups on ebay!

I'l probably
> build up with a mix of French and Campy stuff, which is
> how I remember the
> top Mondias and Allegros.

i am doing the same with mine but with a Brooks saddle!
> The fork is a bit of a mystery, as some mentioned here, as
> it has eylets, w
> hile the rear DO's do not.  Some also questioned
> whether the crown is
> right for a Mondia.  I find the paint on the fork is
> noticeably fresher
> than the frame, but it is also a perfect match for the
> frame, both in color
> s and in the fade pattern.  So I suspect it is not
> original to this parti
> cular frame.  But I don't know if it is from another
> Mondia of the same e
> ra with the same paint scheme, or if someone replaced it
> with a non-Mondia
> fork, but got a really good painter to match the
> multi-color fade.

i'd love to see some nice pix when you ar finished with it.
> BTW, in regard to the lack of rear DO eyelets, anyone know
> of an adapter wh
> ich doesn't require clamping anything over the paint on
> the stays?  It oc
> curs to me one might sandwich the DO with a couple of small
> round plates an
> d rubber washers drilled in the center to accept the
> mounting bolts for rac
> ks and fenders.  Something similar to the Honjo hardware
> used to mount th
> e front fender under the fork crown.

i had bought some of these many long years ago from what i think was called Rhode Gear. yes, washer-like pieces, but thicker with a bevelded side and it came with a matching rubber piece, you put them on either side of your d rop outs and bolt thru them thru the hollow part of your drop out. made jus t for that purpose. it turned out to be very stable if i remember, with a f arily loaded rack, also a Rhode Gear rack with the same type modern constru ction we see today: one U-shaped legs instead of two separate legs supporti ng the platform. this was late 70s, or early 80s.

devon warner
san francisco, CA