[CR]Pix uploaded for 60 cm Viscount FS at local nonprofit

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To: Dale Brown <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
From: "Jon Spangler" <hudsonspangler@earthlink.net>
Date: Sun, 5 Oct 2008 23:17:44 -0700
cc: cyclesbikes@gmail.com
cc: cyclesbikes@gmail.com
Subject: [CR]Pix uploaded for 60 cm Viscount FS at local nonprofit

Dear CR folks,

I found a bare steel-frame Viscount (60 cm seat c-c x 57 cm TT, s/n 0346 EA) at Alameda's "Cycles of Change" nonprofit used bike repair and education center back on September 27. Price: $150. Now that I have set up a flickr site, photos are available at:


The Viscount has a a bent right rear (drivetrain side) dropout wheel slot.(It's spread out into a "Vee" shape).

I also found a nice-looking TREK 400 531 steel frame there on 9/27, too. The almost-bare frame dates from 1986 and is "off-topic," but it could be built up with pre-1986 parts and many of the frame's characteristics are "old-school" or KOF. (The TREK's s/n is #267040, making it an early-1986 Model 400 frame, according to the serial numbers here at http://www.vintage-trek.com/SerialNos86.htm.)

If interested in either frame, please contact Evan (cyclesbikes@gmail.com/510-898-7830) directly or send me an email. I can help CR members with pickup, further info, or shipping if necessary. (C of C takes checks or cash only, no PayPal or credit cards, and they may not be able to ship. I will ship for cost.)


Jon Spangler
in sunny Alameda, CA USA