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Date: Sun, 26 Oct 2008 05:50:41 -0500
Organization: The Crimson Permanent Assurance
Subject: Re: [CR]Zeus
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From: "John Thompson" <> wrote:
> I have a '67 Paramount Track with Zeus components. What size is the
> crank bolt? 16 mm? Is there a special wrench made (like Campagnolo
> 15 mm wrench) ? If so, where do I find one? Will a Campagnolo
> extractor work once the bolt s are out or do I need a different
> extractor too?

The bolts are 16mm and require a thin-wall socket to remove. Park made a 16mm "peanut butter" wrench (part #CCW-16) for this, but its been out of production for years now. The extractor threads are standard 22mm, so your Campy tool will work fine to remove the crank from the arm.

Once you get the bolts out you can replace them with standard 15mm or 14mm crank bolts to make things easier next time -- unless you have the fancy 16mm Titanium bolts: (in which case you'll want to keep them for the coolness factor).


-John Thompson (
Appleton WI USA