RE: [CR]Italian Threading on my British bike!

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Subject: RE: [CR]Italian Threading on my British bike!
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2008 11:34:52 -0700
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You might be able to get away with a hybrid BB set to go with your hybrid threading. If you use thinwall cups with a spindle designed for thickwall ones, you will move the cups about 5mm closer together. With an Italian 70-SS-120 spindle, you will likely not have many threads to hold the lock ring, but it may be enough. With a English/French 68-SS-120 you will have plenty. If you are unsure how to tell the difference between the thin and thick wall spindles, let me know.

If your BB shell was faced symmetrically (don't assume this, measure it if you can) you should have correct chainline. If it wasn't, you may be able to correct that with combos of later vs. earlier spindles and cranks.

If you'd rather not mess with all that, the Phil BB is the choice.

Greg Reiche CyclArt Vista, CA USA

-----Original Message----- OKAY NOW TO MY QUESTION! My issue right now is the bottom bracket. The BB shell had been retapped to Italian threading and faced (sides if the BB shell evened out) so that the BB width is now about 66.5mm instead of the original 68mm. I plan to build this bike up with Campagnolo Nuovo record. I know I will need Italian cups but I am not sure whether I will need a 68-SS-120 spindle or a 70-SS-120 spindle. Should I be concerned about chain line? Front derailleur clearance? Also, what would be appropriate: the thin or thick (with rifling) walled Campagnolo BB cups?

Any advice would be much appreciated. And if anyone had any spare Campy BB parts that might help me out, please feel free to contact me outside the
--Kirke Campbell
Houston, Tx.