AW: [CR]French Threaded TDC Freewheel?????

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Subject: AW: [CR]French Threaded TDC Freewheel?????
Date: Sun, 5 Oct 2008 19:10:08 +0200
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Jerry, Durex was a german trade name of PWB which was "Präzisionswerke Bielefeld", they were (as far as my knowledge goes) licensees of Simplex stuff as they produced Simplex derailleurs and chainsets. I saw a lot of classic slim steel stronglight cottered crankarms using three little adaptors to the six bolt chainrings and those were always marked Durex and Simplex. They also made a coaster brake similiar to the famous Torpedo hub of F&S. So it seems to be quite possible that they used french threading since french parts were common and chaeper than italian parts in Germany in the fifites.

BTW: Now Durex ist also the name of a famous condom marque in Germany....


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I have appatently obtained something I never thought existed.  A French-t hreaded TDC freewheel.  This of course was a classic English FW.  I alr eady had a couple of them, even have the unique 3-notch remover for them.   But I always assumed they were English thread only.

Yesterday I receieved two FW's from eBay.  The first is a Durex, which I

assume is French since it is marked with the French designation of patent # .  The second was the TDC.  I have a couple of test Hub shells I use to determine FW thread, a SunTour for English and a French thread Normandy Co mpetition for French.  The Durex, as expected, would only go half way on the English hub, and considerable force would have been needed to force it further, but it threaded smoothly onto the French hub.  But to my surpris e, the same was true of the TDC FW.  In fact the TDC would not even go as far onto the English hub as the Durex did.  Anyone else ever seen a Fren ch threaded TDC FW?


Jery Moos
Big Spring, Texas, USA