[CR]My First Bike Restoration Project Now Complete

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Date: Sun, 19 Oct 2008 22:44:11 -0700
From: "Steve Valladolid" <svalladolid@gmail.com>
To: "CLASSIC RENDEZVOUS" <Classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [CR]My First Bike Restoration Project Now Complete

Some of you may remember this bike from a few months ago when I posted trying to figure out what it was. I initially thought it was a Guerciotti but I found that it definitely wasn't.

I learned a lot about what it takes to complete a project and firstly, I learned my lesson about starting with the right base. The bike was in poor shape and I underestimated what it would take to get it back into presentable shape. I'm nothing if not tenacious so I saw it through and I'm pleased with the results.

Here's the before photos so you can see what kind of mess it was.



After disassembly and cleaning.


A few photos after the powdercoat repaint.


I knew the bike was originally purchased in Tucson, Arizona. A fellow list member recommended that I contact Andy Gilmour as he has been building frames in the area since the early 70's and the bike did have a the letter "g" stamped all over it.

I sent him a bunches of photos of the frames and he said that it looks very much like it could be one of his early frames based on the seat stays and some other features. The type of tubing, drop-outs were what he was using at the time, etc. He said to look for a number on the bottom bracket and steerer as he stamped his first 100 frames. Sadly, I didn't find anything but it could be frame 101 for all I know. I don't think there is any way to be sure.

And the finished (well, mostly) project. Photos taken this morning in glorious San Diego sunshine.


Took her for a short spin today after making the last few tweaks and it was great. I need do a more accurate bike fit but besides that it was very fun to ride. I'm going to use it as my principle commuter and for my Sunday noodle rides.

A big thank you to Lou Deeter who took a lot of time to walk me through some basic questions and hook me up with the right cable housing and all the other list members who took the time to answer my question on and off list.

Oh, and does anyone have a 53cm mustard yellow Silca Impero pump for sale?

Steve Valladolid Very pleased with himself today in San Diego, CA

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