Re: [CR]"New" stamping found on old Campy crank

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Subject: Re: [CR]"New" stamping found on old Campy crank
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2008 14:06:46 -0400
From: <>

Mark Agree wrote:

"Tonight I found a very interesting stamp on a 1973 Campagnolo Record Strada?170mm drive crank, hidden when in use, on the front of a chain ring?separator.?There is a tiny C inside a diamond/rhombus, as typical of the? marking stamped on inner chainrings of the period.? I have never? seen or heard of this before, nor have I ever seen it discussed here ... has? anyone else seen this?" <snip>? And Mark provided a link to a picture:?

I will add a data point - I have a pair of early '70s 1037 pedals with that mark, <c>, following the "1037".? They are steel with toe-strap loops.

Tom Donahue
Melbourne, FL