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Actually, the 44 page English language translation of the MAVIC Trade Catalogue 90 / 91 for model years 1990 and 1991 states on page 4 that their contemporary MA rim is "...for narrow clincher tires from 19 to 25 mm. Polished finish. Single eyelet.", whereas notations in that very same catalog, on that very same page, for the MA2 state that it is "...for narrow clincher tires from 19 to 22 mm. Polished finish. Double eyelet." In both cases, the MA and MA2 are listed as having a 622 or 630 seat respectively for 700c versus 27 inch versions - and ALL of that information is consistent with the data previously provided in MAVIC trade catalogs dating from 1986-1987 as well as 1988-1989.

The dimensional aspects and extrusion profile of the MA and MA2 are indeed identical - and I would posit that affixing a 19 to 25 mm tire is no more problematic on one than it is the other - any differentiation cited in said catalogs being nothing more than "marketing speak" and NOT based in reality.

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R.S. Broderick wrote:
> Mark,
> ..let us just say that when it came to branding, labeling, and such,
> quality control in the vintage era was decidedly not MAVIC's forte.
> I have seen multiple instances of MA or Module E rims being labeled as
> MA 2
> or Module E2 - and visa versa.

Nothwithstanding that the extrusion profile seems to be entirely the same, the MA is listed for 18-23mm tyres, while the MA 2 is good for 19 to 25mm ;) (90/91 catalogue)

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