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Yeah, similar when we refered to how close a chainwheel was to a chainstay on our old track bikes. It was close if it would take the print off a sheet of newspaper stuck in the space. I enjoy this bike related trivia, it puts flesh and meaning to the iron war horses as if they were still performing.
Ted Ernst
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> Back when Mick Butler was a regular contributor, he was kind enough to be
> my
> translator on many occasions on the terms Brits used. My all time
> favorite
> was Fag Paper Clearance.meaning when getting a custom bike many racers
> wanted little wasted space and the tires and such were to be very close to
> the frame of the close a cigarette paper would barely pass through
> the spaces between. Now I probably have really made a mish mash of that
> explanation, but I'll treasure the term always!
> Hey Mick, if you are lurking, c'mon back aboard, you are missed!


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