[CR]for sale: 1971 Colnago track bike badged merckx

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From: "Charles Andrews" <chasds@mindspring.com>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Mon, 1 Dec 2008 09:44:32 -0800
Subject: [CR]for sale: 1971 Colnago track bike badged merckx

I'm selling another very rare beast. It'll be available to the CR list for a week; if not sold by then, it goes on to ebay.

This is an extremely rare version of a Colnago track bike from the early 70s, in Molteni orange, with the Eddy Merckx down-tube graphic. Colnago track bikes this old are fairly uncommon. One in Molteni orange with the Merckx graphic on the down-tube is practically impossible to find. Note the club cutouts in the all the lugs, and the single divot in the lower seat-lug tang. Characteristic of 1971-1972 Colnagos.

56cm c-t seat; 56cm c-c top-tube. Wheels are very cool, Campagnolo track hubs with Mavic track rims and stainless db spokes, front is double-tied and soldered, rear single tied-and-soldered. Wheels are solid and very race-able.

I've had this bike out on the San Diego Velodrome and it's very stiff, very fast and every bit as good as you'd expect.

Tires are period Vittoria Sei Giorno track tires. Rideable, but I'd put new track tires on it.

$3900 shipped in the lower 48, or make me a fair offer. Locals are welcome to come have a look.

Highly unlikely you'll ever see another one like this for sale in your lifetime, and that's no exaggeration. Very, very few of them ever came into the US.

I've enjoyed having it, but it's time to pass her along to another caretaker. Pics at Flickr..if you have problems viewing, let me know.


Charles Andrews Los Angeles

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