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Date: Tue, 2 Dec 2008 11:52:15 -0800 (PST)
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Subject: Re: [CR]re: Nervar alloy chain wheels , NOS, 52 and 46
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Nervar Star is 5 arm 128 BCD.  Nervar Sport outer ring is 5 pin small cir cle, compatible with TA, Stronglight 49 etc. arms.  Like the Stronglight 49, the inner ring of the Sport bolts to the outer ring.  The inner Sport ring is the same as the Star inner, 128 BCD.  So we really need to know whether each size ring offered is Sport outer or the 128 BCD used for Sport inner and both rings of the Star.

BTW Nervar also made three arm 116 BCD alloy cranks and three hole rings in both steel and alloy.  They also made a steel cotterless crank with 128 BCD rings like the alloy Star.  Finally, in the early 80's Nervar changed to a 5 arm alloy crank with the Stronglight 122 BCD circle.  Ironically they did this just about the time Stronglight was abandoning their 122 BCD circle in favor of the Campy 144 BCD circle, and at about that same time Ca mpy was abandoning 144 BCD in favor of 135 BCD plus the relatively short-li ved 116 BCD 5-arm Victory/Triomphe/late GS.


Jerry Moos
Big Spring, Texas, USA

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David Cowie wrote:

Hello, shop cleaning and these popped up, brand new Nervar chain wheels. pol ished alloy, circa '75 or so. Very light shelf wear . Set of 1- 52 and 1- 46 tooth ring for $35 delivered, insured in 48 states, 2nd or more sets add $ 30 /set. 6 sets available. paypal ok. If I am not mistaken these are origina l for the Raleigh Gran Sport , Dawes and others from the early '70s


I know two series of Nervar alloy chainrings. One type used the 50.5 (?) mm 5-pin circle like the Stronglight 49, Williams, TA, etc. These sound like the other type, the Nervar Star 5-arm. You will want to note that these use a unique bolt circle that doesn't interchange with anything else known to mankind. Close to Stronglight 63/93, if I recall correctly, but no cigar. However, with a little time with a rat-tail file, I was able to adapt them to fit something else, back in the day. Worked fine, on a kid-back tandem I set up. I'll check the BCD when I get home.

harvey sachs
mcLean va.