[CR]Japan bike shop. Johns Japan trip.

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Date: Thu, 04 Dec 2008 16:29:03 -0500
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Subject: [CR]Japan bike shop. Johns Japan trip.

In 2003 We visited my son Paul, A naval aviator on the Kity Hawk carrier, he was at Atsugi. near Yokohama.? He said Dad let me take you?to a neat bike shop nearby. This shop had hanging from the ceiling several new?frames. One was a Red?Bob Jackson track frame with the curved seat tube, VER(L)Y Expensive. Moore Yen?00000000s than I could count! but ALSO in a glass showcase, many many Simlpex and Campag gears, brakes?etc, 50s vintage, odds and sods, ALSO VERY exp in Yens. If anyone is interested in this shop, I understand from Paul they have a web site (in Japaneese). EmaiL me,? ?By the way re?OldBrit money. I use to race at?Halfpennygreen Royal Air force base (Google for photo) near Brum.. Cost a few Bobs, never won any quids! ?WingCommanderGuinea was the C/O Sgt Florin and Half crown,not worth Threepence on a bike.Cheers John Crump OldnotworthapennynowBrit. Parker.Co USA?