RE: [CR]Was: MASI decals request. Now; Jan's new book and Melton decals

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Subject: RE: [CR]Was: MASI decals request. Now; Jan's new book and Melton decals
Date: Fri, 5 Dec 2008 07:56:26 -0500
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Did Faliero make that "Bianchi"? Alberto Masi showed me the jigs his father used for Coppi's bikes. They wer e still hanging high in the back room of the Vigorelli when I visited a yea r and half ago...

Matthew Bowne Brooklyn, New York
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> Subject: Re: [CR]Was: MASI decals request. Now; Jan's new book and Melt on decals
> At 6:16 PM -0500 12/4/08, Dale Brown wrote:
> >Now, Jan Heine's new absolutelky gorgeous Competitive Bicycle book
> >just arrive this afternoon and I was (carefully) reading at
> >lunch... Lo and behold there is included therein a Mike Melton built
> >bicycle..
> >
> >It just so happens I had also just received word from Greg Softey
> >(on the other side of the world) that he is almost done with
> >reproductions of Mike Melton frame decals... I have a stunning
> >Melton racing frame here that I will take pics of when adorned with
> >these new "transfers".
> Just don't look for original decals on the Melton in "The Competition
> Bicycle." It's a pro bike, so it was labeled "Huffy"! In fact, we
> have two Huffys in the book. The other Huffy is a Serotta, but in
> fact, it was built by Landshark. The top tube proclaims "True
> Temper," but John Slawta says he used Tange Prestige tubing.
> Confused? In the world of professional racing bikes, not all is what
> it appears to be.
> I wonder who built the absolutely gorgeous Bianchi of Fausto Coppi?
> You can see a detail image here
> Any ideas?
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