[CR]Jubilee front cage transplant

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Thread-Topic: Jubilee front cage transplant
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Subject: [CR]Jubilee front cage transplant

Friends: I have two Huret Jubilee front derails. One has a good clamp but the cage has problematic chrome and is kinda worn.

The other has a bad clamp but the cage is in great condition. My goal is to swap cages. Once the spring is undone, there is one pivot connecting the cage assembly to the clamp body up near the two adjusting screws.. Is this a pin (removable by pressing) or a rivet (has to be drilled out)? Other option would be to removed the lower pivot at the cage, which is pret ty clearly a rivet, but looks easier to reproduce. Any advice appreciated!

Longer story is... "Bad clamp" derail was one of the legion whose clamp failed. I made a little braze on so the derail could be used on my then racing, now commuting bike, mostly eliminating the clamp. Turn out, even after tons of miles, the cage is in great shape. Must be because I am always in the large ring...yeah...thats it... In any cage, the problematic cage will be fine for the on topic commuter an d the pretty cage will be better on something that is more for show.

Cheers from Dallas, TX, USA, Earth
Clyde "big ring" Putman