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I had an all titanium underframe leather Ideale on one of my personal bikes. Sweet racing bike, all SR along with the Ti saddle. Wish I still had it. I seem to remember the year 1978 or so. So it seems Ideale made this Ti model before the end of their existence. I rode it a lot and never had any problem with it. Not sure what the alloy was, but it would have been hard to make in any case. I remember it was expensive.

Also there was talk of light freewheels in the 1970's. I always tried out all the off beat parts. I sold Zeus parts as the headset was very good for loaded touring bikes. I tried the Zeus alloy freewheels. The body was steel, not Ti as mentioned. Nicely made, although the lowest cog with 5 speed was 14t. Alloy cogs were not that durable, the chain would jump when worn. I had good access to Regina during this period. At the same time Rigina made a Ti chain (ti side plates with steel pins, rollers and bushes), they sold two versions of a Ti freewheel. They were called SuperStar. Cheaper one had the normal steel body with Ti cogs. The expensive one was all Ti. And I mean expensive. My memory is weak on the price but it seems like my cost was $500 or so. A custom frame cost not much more than this. I did sell at least 2 of these. The chain did not work very well, and it was not that much lighter than steel chain. I think the Campagnolo freewheel came out in 1980. This was one of the last things Tullio came up with. Very nicely made, every detail correct. Never did catch on though. Way too expensive and Shimano had the EX and AX hubs before this last hurrah for the freewheel.

Jim Merz Big Sur

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Dirk stated: There's a later even more weird model named "Columbia" with a Space Shuttle logo...

It seems that the French had a fixation on some things "NASA". The last products of some of the great names in French componentry come to mind like the CLB SpaceLine brakes. They had an advertising slogan which, translated loosely : uber lightweight material from elsewhere.

Near the end of Ideale, there were several models, including a Ti one that, like the very last Mafac centerpulls were very modern and well thought out. Somewhere in my frequently-moved files I have that info from LeCycle. In today's rando fashion market, who knows, perhaps Mafac might have survived. I know properly adjusted Mafacs can compare quite favorably to even the best of modern dual pivots as I am always amazed at the stopping power of a loaded 1970s Gitane tourer with racks, fenders and luggage. Plus, those last Mafacs sure look better than the crude by comparison style of the modern Pauls, IMHO.

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