RE: [CR]Dating my Holdsworth frame

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From: Sarah Gibson <>
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Subject: RE: [CR]Dating my Holdsworth frame
Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2008 23:06:22 +0000
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ya might check in with norman he is copied on this email he has a registry of holdsworth frames peace sarahgibson



well behaved women rarely make history_ride yr friggin bicycle_ > From: sch> To:> Date: Sun, 7 Dec 2 008 13:54:24 +0100> Subject: [CR]Dating my Holdsworth frame> > I just poste d some pics of a Holdsworth Frame I got some time ago to my> wooljersey alb um. Frame Number is 23118 matching numbers on BB an> steerer tube. Accordin g to the lugs after comparison to the excellent> Holdsworth site on the net
   it must be a Monsoon frame. Can anybody of> our brit bike experts on this list narrow down the production date using> the frame number? > Pics are he re:>> I got this fram e via ebay for almos no money since it had a not so nice> repaired seat sta y end. The end must have been broken and somebody has> welded it leaving a chunky welding blog and a bad paint above. I decided> to file it down flush
   and it seems a lot better now. I am confident it> will hold up well and i will touch up this frame portion accordingly.> Funny Coincidenc about this frame is, that listmember Toni Theilmeier> has bought that long time ago in England and has passed it one to a> friend who agin put it on ebay where
   I got it. I think this frame> deserves to be ridden again. No, I am not considering a full resto, just> some touch up and proper components, pr obably I will set it up as a> singlw/fixed speed.> Any comments and help is
   greatly appreciated.> Regards> Michael Schmid> Oberammergau - with lots os
   snow today> Germany> Tel.: +49 8821 798790> Fax.:+49 8821 798791> mail: sc>> > > __________________________________