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I hated those Respray decals.  I recall them from the early to mid 80's w hen I was first having a couple of my bikes refinsihed.  In that era Reyn olds were being real jackasses in regard to providing replacement decals.   You virtually had to endure an FBI backgound check to obtain decals, an d even then the only ones practically available were sometimes those damn R espray ones, even to reputable framebuilders and painters.  I don't know if Reynolds has become any more cooperative in regard to decals or not, but fortunately, there are now reproduction decals available.  The current d ecals from Reynolds wouldn't be much use for classic restorations, as I'm n ot sure they even produce 531 anymore, and even a few years ago when they d id, they changed the decal style to something much different from the class ic ones.  Of course the classic 531 decals themselves had several gener ations, as well as appearing in both French and English versions, so reproduction decals are usually used unless one can find NOS ones of the c orrect generation and language.  I don't know of anyone, however, who h as any plans to reproduce those Respray decals - or anyone who wants to buy them.


Jerry Moos
Big Spring, Texas, USA

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Interesting to see "Respray" included in the tubing decal. I didn't know that Reynolds had its own version of Columbus' "Rivernicato." Learn something new every day!

Marc St. Martin Livermore, CA USA

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>Seems be equipped with Ofmega cranks/pedals and a Campy NR brakeset, makin
the asking price definately worth it.

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