[CR]Question? ans get "Spinning wheels" DVD

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Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2008 11:46:46 -0500
From: crumpy6204@aol.com
Subject: [CR]Question? ans get "Spinning wheels" DVD

Looking through old 1950s Cycling one cold winters day, I ran across an add. "Cover 13/11" can you answer the folowing? #1What is a COVER?? #2What is 13/11? #3?What is two spellings of the other term for a COVER?? Of course Brits will know the answers. So How about you "Yanks" ALSO in the same Nov 19 1953 Second Show# there was mention of a movie that I had not heard of. "Awheel in Britian" By Dunlop features 1952? Tour of Britian. anyone have a copy? or know where to get one? Cheers John Crump OldgoingbacktosleepBrit, Parker Co USA. How about some other questions of trivia from the group? ALL this tech stuff gets BOOORING!