[CR]Chesini Bikes? Mod 83?

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From: "Mark Cutrufelli" <masimark@gmail.com>
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Date: Sun, 14 Dec 2008 22:51:40 -0500
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Subject: [CR]Chesini Bikes? Mod 83?

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Are these anything Chesinis anything special.This is a Mod 83. Apparently an old Italian company that I know nothing about . Are they say Ciocc or more Rossin calibre? What type of Columbus tubing is on this?

Thank you

Mark Cutrufelli Laurel,Maryland USA

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I acquired an early Trek F/F. Details, then questions...Size is 22 1/2 CT, Columbus stamp on steer tube, Campy DO's with single eyelets. The only braze-ons are for single bottle cage on down tube and top of BB shell cable guides (stamped campagnolo). No cable stop, no shifter stop. "TREK" is stamped on seat stay caps and on the (flat) fork crown on the front near the drilling for the brake.

Since the chain stays are 44cm, It looks like a model 910 touring frame built in either '78, '79, or '80. I read the explanation of missing serial numbers on the TREK site. The bike is in primer, and removing paint from the bottom of the BB shell reveals no numbers.

My main question is, if it is indeed a model 910, what paint color/decals would be correct for the bike?

I welcome any comments....

Pat Moffat
Tempe Arizona USA