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Part one looks like the American Classic. H20 mounting spacers. The two rods went into the 1/2 round channels, and the pan head screw wedged both of the = rods into the channel for the tightning. The reason the pedal clip kit is plentiful, is because most of the riders used Campagnolo pedals, and they came with the bolts and washers, the back plate of the cleat fits directly to the pedal cage so the hardware was superflouos. The fastening kit was included for a standard metal pedal that did not have threaded holes in the cage for clip attaching.
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> Classic content,
> Ten plus years back or so I went to a Hellyer Vellodrome benefit garage
> sale at George Mount's house and bought a campy seatpost box chock full of
> assorted nuts and bolts and bike detritus ($5?), including a whole
> crapload of metal campy crank dust covers. There were a whole pile of
> these blocky bits in both aluminum and plastic:
> which I have no idea what they are.
> And then huge numbers of bags of these:
> Which I assume are toe clip mounting hardware? Why do I have ten bags of
> these? Damn you George Mount, damn you!
> As an aside, George seemed like a great guy, much shorter than I would
> have guessed. I wish I got there early and was not on a starving grad
> student budget of $50 bucks, but what can you do.
> Thanks for any help....
> Tarik
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