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Subject: [CR]Pauli's Bicycle Training Camp

Sorry, I didn't mention that with enough vintage riders attending, there will certainly be a "Vintage Group" that forms a slightly different route, requiring a bit less of lower gearing. Our our non- riding time, I would enjoy our group's comments and critique of my 11 bike collection. This information is in the detailed attachment that I was going to forward anyone who was interested.

OK, the New Year is almost here, so perhaps getting fit or fitter could be your resolution.

I have for the past several years had a bicycle training camp here in Temecula, CA. It is 90 minutes from LA, 50 minutes from San Diego, and 7 hours from San Francisco, by car. It will be February 14th thru the 22nd 2009. Rides can be short or long with riders of all ages. All rides have steep, but fairly short hills. You can stay at my home or elsewhere, make a couple or all the rides.

If you wish to get additional detailed info, with everything you will need to know, then you must reply to this email. Simply reply with one word in the body of your email. That one word is "CONTINUE".

Pauli Paul Wilson 26077 Arjuna Avenue, Temecula, California 92590, USA http://www.wilsondesigns.net 951-587-3632