Re: [CR]Real or Fake Panto?

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From: Otis <>
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Subject: Re: [CR]Real or Fake Panto?
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2008 20:33:33 -0800

> My mistake, the seller casanova is who i was thinking of, not
> radmatrose.
> Mark buswell

I've bought from Casanova and he's a good reliable seller with lots of nice NOS parts.

But I've always questioned the source of a lot of the Bianchi panto items he sells. He sells plenty of legit rare Bianchi stuff, but also a lot of panto bits that are very questionable looking and definitely not the parts that came on the early 80's Reparto bikes. Some of the stems and shifters I've seen him list are really ugly.

I always figured these were NOS knock-offs from the 80's? Makes more sense to me that small machine shops in Europe would have made their own versions of a lot of these parts at the time.

I guess they could be doing them presently but it seems that labor costs and the short supply of NOS parts to modify would make the margins pretty slim?

Jon Williams
Grants Pass OR USA