Re: [CR]A sad story indeed: ebay bikes advertised with "pedigree"

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Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2008 12:30:19 +0000
From: Hugh Thornton <>
Subject: Re: [CR]A sad story indeed: ebay bikes advertised with "pedigree"
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The Raleigh Team Record was also available as a frame only and is actually quite good - only a notch below the Team Replica frames out of Worksop and better than the regular Raleigh Record (at least for the years for whichÂ
   I found descriptions of the Record which seems to be a mediocre machine) .  If the frame is sound and straight, I would say this was a good buy .  The front fork looks original so it is a bit strange, but perhaps t ypical of Raleigh's build anything and ship it operation, that it has Huret
   dropouts.  The only Team Record frames I have seen at close quarters had Campagnolo dropouts front and rear: they had the same finish with half chrome forks and no chrome on the frame.   Hugh Thornton Cheshire, England

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There was this Raleigh bike on ebay France advertised as a TDF machine. Hap pens I know nothing about Raleighs, so I went for it. And eventually got it . A nice bike indeed, but not a team bike. The stories people tell, you won der whether they believe themselves, or whether they think that being behin d a computer screen gives them total impunity/immunity from being called up on in the case of a bad fraud. In this case it's OK, the bike is worth what
   I paid for it, and I need a beater for the winter anyway. Full pics and ac count at And I guess that link is broken so I'll give it again as a ps. Best Nick March, Agen 47000, Lot et Garonne, France ps: